Location: Sp. Kuprianou Av.
Delivery: February 2011
Status: Delivered / SOLD
Properties: Showrooms / Offices
Architect: Spyros Spyrou

Neda Center is located in Spurou Kuprianou Avenue , near Nikou Pattihi traffic lights, one of the most commercial avenues in Limassol. Neda Center is a modern luxurious building which combines spectacular architectual design and functional spaces, making the building attractive even for those that demand the best working conditions in a 21st century environment.
The building consists of one specious, luxury and modern showroom in the ground floor and three open plan floor-offices , one in each floor. The third floor office has the privilaged and exclusive acces to the roof garden which is ideal for corporate cocktail parties. 


Neda Center contains everything that a modern, contemporary and luxury building has to offer. Double glazed windows sound and heat protected , aluminum louvres designed to enhance energy efficiency, rased floors for the offices and marble floor for the showroom, vrv air-conditioning as well as secured underground parking spaces for each unit.


Project Technical Specifications: Under-floor cabling system with centralised cabinets • False-ceiling in open plan area • Provisions for VRV heating & cooling system • Provision for WiFi (Wireless Infrastructure) • Heat insulating double glazing windows (solar resistant) • Fixed horizontal louvers, designed to enhance energy efficiency by controlling heat, light and sun • Raised Floors for the offices • Marble floor for the showrooms • Secured underground parking spaces for each unit • Sanitary ware provision and installation 

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